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May 19 2024 A concert featuring Haydn, Mozart and Boccherini quartets and quintets with nicknames. Carrie Kennedy & Joel Pargman (violins), Agnes Gottschewski (viola), Tina Soule (cello), and Delores Bing (cello and curator). [photo by Deb Squared]


May 5, 2024 Bach Brandenburg Concerto #5, Mozart flute quartet, Mendelssohn Sinfonia with Agnes Gottschewski (solo violin), Larry Kaplan (solo flute), Ian Pritchard (solo harpsichord) with Michael Siess (violin), Kate Vincent (viola), Tina Soule (cello), Steve Edelman (bass). Harpsichord provided by Los Angeles builder and artist Curtis Berak. [photo by Deb Squared]

Bassoonist, composer, and Altadenan John Steinmetz adding musical commentary and anecdotes at our concerts.

john copy.jpg

March 17, 2024 Mozart and Beethoven Wind Octets and opera arrangements at the Altadena Library. Jonathan Davis, Catherine Del Russo (oboes), Jim Foschia, Helen Goode (clarinets), Duncan Massey, Phoebe Ray (bassoons), John Mason, Suzette Moriarty (horns). Commentary by John Steinmetz.

[photo by Deb Squared]


February 25, 2024 Family concert, Altadena Library. Agnes Gottschewski, Ina Veli (violins), Dmitri Bovaird (viola), Maggie Edmondson (cello)

[photo by Deb Squared]


January 14, 2024 Altadena Community Church. Music of Clara and Robert Schumann, and Johannes Brahms. Agnes Gotteschewski (violin), Dmitri Bovaird (viola), Maggie Edmondson (cello), Kevin Fitz-Gerald (piano). John Steinmetz (narrator) and Phoebe Ray (Manager) working—as always—behind the scenes.

[photo by Deb Squared]


December 10, 2023 Altadena Community Church.  Beethoven and Brahms trios with Michele Zukovsky (clarinet), Antoinette Perry (piano) and Tina Soule (cello)

[Photo by Deb Squared Photo]

Reed Qtet AML2.jpg

May 21, 2023 Altadena Main Library. Reed Quintets with Vicki Lee (oboe), Patrick Olmos (also sax), Phoebe Ray (bassoon), Jim Foschia (bass clarinet), Helen Goode (clarinet) and composer John Steinmetz. Music of Gershwin, Melitis, Doest, and Steinmetz.

[Photo by Deb Squared Photo]


April 23, 2023 Benefit Concert at a private home in Altadena. Bartok "Contrasts," Milhaud "Trio," and Mozart violin sonata. Michele Zukovsky (clarinet), Irina Voloshina (violin), Antoinette Perry (piano), and John Steinmetz (host) adding musical commentary and anecdotes.

[Photo by Deb Squared Photo]

March 26, 2023, Altadena Library. Fiato Quartert playing "Classical Hollywood: Chamber Music of Great Film Composers" Music of Philip Glass, Nino Rota, Aaron Copland, John Corigliano, Erich Korngold and John Williams. Carrie Kennedy and Joel Pargman (violins), Aaron Oltman (viola), Ryan Sweeny (cello).

March 19, 2023, Altadena Community Church. Chamber music for strings and piano celebrating Altadena's Mt Lowe Railway in partnership with the Altadena Historical Society (Dvorak "American Quartet," Amy Beach "Romance" and Brahms "Intermezzi"  Agnes Gottschewski and Irina Voloshina (violins), Dmitri Bovaird (viola), Maggie Edmondson and Delores Bing (celli) and Kevin Fitz-Gerald (piano)

[Photo by Deb Squared Photo]


February 19, 2023, Altadena Community Church. Brazilian chamber music and choro ensemble. Vanderlei Alves (clarinet), Antoinette Perry (piano), Phoebe Ray (bassoon), Ted Falcon (bandolim/violin), Wesley Amorim (7-string guitar), and Ben Rempel (pandeiro).

[Photo by Deb Squared Photo]


January 29, 2023, Altadena Main Library. Beethoven and Reger Serenades and Debussy Sonata. Larry Kaplan (flute), Agnes Gottschewski (violin), Erik Rynearson (viola), Alison Bjorkedal (harp)

[Photo by Deb Squared Photo]


May 15, 2022 Altadena Community Church: Beethoven "String Quartet Op. 18" and Arnold Bax "Quintet." Agnes Gotteschewski and Irina Voloshina (violins), Dmitri Bovaird (viola), Maggie Edmondson (cello), Sarah Beck (oboe)

[Photo by Deb Squared Photo]


April 3, 2022 Altadena Community Church: Music for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano. Antoinette Perry (piano), Michele Zukovsky (clarinet), Leonard Hayes (piano), Michael Perry (violin) and Vanderlei Alves (clarinet).


May 1, 2022 Altadena Main Library: Wind Quintets of Nielsen, Beethoven, Rota, Ibert and "Fats" Waller. Larry Kaplan (flute), Jim Foschia (clarinet), Michele Forrest (oboe), Phoebe Ray (bassoon, and John Mason (horn). [Photo by Debbi Swanson]


March 17, 2021 Private concert. Low Brass trio with Allen Fogle (horn), Daniel Lawlor (trombone) and P. Blake Cooper (tuba)


March 27, 2022 Altadena Library: Brass Quintet Erick Jovel and Catherine Ryan (trumpets), Daniel Lawlor (trombone), Karen Klages (horn) and P. Blake Cooper (tuba) [Photo by Debbi Swanson]

January 20, 2020 Altadena Library: String quartets by Rossini, Mozart, Ives and Arriaga with Joel Pargman and Carrie Kennedy (violins), Dmitri Bovaird (viola), Delores Bing and Tina Soule (celli) and Steve Edelman (bass). [Photo by Deb Squared Photo]


November 17, 2019 Benefit Concert: Beethoven "Septet" with Irina Voloshina (violin), Dmitri Bovaird (viola), Maggie Edmondson (cello), Drew Dembowski (bass), John Mason (horn), Phoebe Ray (bassoon), Michele Zukovsky (clarinet), and pianist An Perry who performed Debussy Preludes. [Photo by Deb Squared Photo]

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