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May 15, 2022 Altadena Community Church: Beethoven "String Quartet Op. 18" and Arnold Bax "Quintet." Agnes Gotteschewski and Irina Voloshina (violins), Dmitri Bovaird (viola), Maggie Edmondson (cello), Sarah Beck (oboe)

[Photo by Deb Squared Photo]

May 1, 2022 Altadena Main Library: Wind Quintets of Nielsen, Beethoven, Rota, Ibert and "Fats" Waller. Larry Kaplan (flute), Jim Foschia (clarinet), Michele Forrest (oboe), Phoebe Ray (bassoon, and John Mason (horn). [Photo by Debbi Swanson]


April 3, 2022 Altadena Community Church: Music for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano. Antoinette Perry (piano), Michele Zukovsky (clarinet), Leonard Hayes (piano), Michael Perry (violin) and Vanderlei Alves (clarinet).

March 27, 2022 Altadena Library: Brass Quintet Erick Jovel and Catherine Ryan (trumpets), Daniel Lawlor (trombone), Karen Klages (horn) and P. Blake Cooper (tuba) [Photo by Debbi Swanson]


March 17, 2021 Private concert. Low Brass trio with Allen Fogle (horn), Daniel Lawlor (trombone) and P. Blake Cooper (tuba)

January 20, 2020 Altadena Library: String quartets by Rossini, Mozart, Ives and Arriaga with Joel Pargman and Carrie Kennedy (violins), Dmitri Bovaird (viola), Delores Bing and Tina Soule (celli) and Steve Edelman (bass). [Photo by Deb Squared Photo]


November 17, 2019 Benefit Concert: Beethoven "Septet" with Irina Voloshina (violin), Dmitri Bovaird (viola), Maggie Edmondson (cello), Drew Dembowski (bass), John Mason (horn), Phoebe Ray (bassoon), Michele Zukovsky (clarinet), and pianist An Perry who performed Debussy Preludes. [Photo by Deb Squared Photo]

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