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During the pandemic quarantine, our musicians have found creative ways to keep playing. We are happy to share some of those with our supporters. Hope to be back soon.

Altadena musicians Irina Voloshina (violin), Joel Pargman (violin) and Tina Soule (cello) are part of an ensemble that performs most Saturday evenings on their driveway on East Mariposa. Other Altadena musicians include

Lisa Sutton (violin), Michele Zukovsky (clarinet) and, Aroussiak Baltaian (violin). Forty-five concerts during the pandemic and six already this year.

Altadena violinists Carrie Kennedy and Joel Pargman featured in live digital concert broadcasts from LA Chamber Orchestra.

You can tune in to watch during the concert time at: OR watch anytime after these dates by going to:


Bill & Delores Bing (trumpet & cello) have been playing front yard concerts in collaboration with a local Altadena dancer.

Altadena bassoonist Phoebe Ray shares home video of a bit of Bach Cello Suite #5

SNIPPETS—Jim Foschia (clarinet) and Larry Kaplan (flute).


Altadena violinist Agnes Gottschewski has been presenting weekly porch concerts for her neighbors and passers-by since the end of March. She would be happy to play for your physically distanced small backyard (or front yard) gathering. Here is what Holly B said after experiencing a concert in her back yard:

"Agnes treated our small group to a transporting patio recital. All physically distanced. The pieces she chose to play suited the atmosphere perfectly--a mini Hollywood Bowl experience. We'd planned on a 30-minute program, but we clamored for an encore, and she obliged. Having a live violin performance boosted and soothed tired spirits."

You may contact Agnes at

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